Bewitch and Captivate: What is Fascination

Fascinate: How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist by Sally Hogshead* is the updated version of her 2010 book Fascinate with additional content. She describes specific steps for creating a compelling brand message. According to Hogshead, fascination is the secret sauce for engaging your customers, and the updated version contains research to back up her ideas.

When I mentioned the book to others, one person initially thought it was on being charming, while another thought it had to do with witchcraft, since the original definition of “fascinate” referenced being captivated or spellbound. Charming, I suppose, is the closest description, but the author takes the concept further.

Hogshead identifies seven languages of fascination: Innovation, Passion, Power, Prestige, Trust, Mystique and Alert. Each language has its own chapter with examples of brands in each category, along with suggestions on how to capitalize on the characteristics of each one. The material can be used for exploring your personal brand, or that of your company or product.

The twist that separates these books from others on branding is the emphasis on finding out how others see you. She then takes it a step further to help marketers figure out how others see your brand. Hogshead’s web site www. contains a free test to do just that. She explains the languages of fascination and has catchy descriptions of how people see others and their brands.

Having taken numerous personality tests such as Myers-Briggs, Big Five, and more online tests than I care to admit, I was skeptical. My results were intriguing, and in some ways overlapped results from tests I had already taken. This seems to add validity (in my mind, at least) to her words.

Hogshead has packed an incredible amount of information in her updated version of Fascinate. This is a title for people who are willing to take the time and effort to study their results and apply them to their brand. Personally, as this web site evolves, and I publish more books, I’ll be curious to find out what sort of image I’m projecting.

Who are you?

What kind of personality do you project to others?

Are you passionate, powerful, trustworthy, or some other category described by Hogshead?

*Hogshead is an ancient and honorable name, usually meaning a container holding 62 or more gallons of wine or other liquid.

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