Nancy has been fascinated by words—how they sound and how they make people feel. She has seen firsthand that words can both harm and heal, usually in unexpected ways.

A big part of her life has been connecting people to books, ideas and resources when they’re stuck in their lives. Her blog explores books and web sites she has stumbled across that help folks when they get stuck. Words, especially when combined with action, create change.

Nancy currently works as a reference librarian. She has also worked as a business researcher, vocational rehabilition counselor, therapist, and university instructor. All these jobs primed her to be a problem solver.

At night she’s a voracious reader, which helps her figure out what books and resources to recommend to clients and patrons. Library patrons and others come to her to discover information and take the next steps to move on in their business and personal lives.

In addition to being a blogger, she has written The PARDA Process: 5 Steps from Wishful Thinking to Sustained Change, and is busily writing more books.