The PARDA Process: 5 Steps from Wishful Thinking to Sustained Change.

Have you given up on trying to make changes in your life that last? Too often we believe the problem is a lack of willpower, but it isn’t. More than likely, you haven’t been able to figure out strategies that support your efforts to meet goals, heal emotions and change stubborn habits.

Learn the PARDA Process: 5 Steps from Wishful Thinking to Sustained Change to discover what works for you—not everyone else. Enable your head and heart to work in tandem as you identify specific steps towards your goals and dreams. Figure out what obstacles might derail you, and how to easily work around them.

When your emotions threaten to overwhelm you, the PARDA Process will show you how to step back and disengage from painful situations, including events that happened years ago. Heal hurts and let them go, so you can move on in your life instead of being stuck.

Along with gently correcting stubborn habits, learn to savor your life, and focus on what is going right. Engage your senses and appreciate what you already have in the moment.

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